Requirements to become a 
Tribal Member

 Membership in this society is open to people of goodwill that support the re-establishment of  the Cherokee Indian's legacy, heritage, tribal lands, assets, resources, treaty rights and to protect and preserve the culture and history of Cherokee Indians in California Tuolumne County and are of Cherokee descent by blood, family relatives, or treaty. No blood quantum is required.

                                                        Enrollment Form

                             Please print application, fill out, and send with monetary pledge to the                                                              address found at the lower portion of the application.

                             (To download click on the enrollment form, save & open file named                                                                    "application and then click print)


​                                               MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
​                                          Tuolumne Band Of Cherokee Indians
                                            ​ Beneficial Society Reg. No. 7696
​                                                        P. O. Box 612
​                                                 Twain Harte, CA 95383


         Date of Birth__________________________________________________

         Mailing Address:_______________________________________________

         Street Address:________________________________________________

          Telephone:_______________________FAX No:______________________

          There is only one class of membership: Life Membership, Life Membership,
           for Individuals over 18 years of age.
           Membership Annual Fee is $12.00.

           Please list any skills or knowledge that you may have, and would like to
           contribute, (Arts, Crafts or anything else) that would serve to strengthen
           and add to the success of,
           The Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians, Inc. 


            Applicant Signature and Date: