Cherokee Syllabary
           Learning the Cherokee Language

    The Cherokee alphabet is a Syllabary of 85 
    characters in which each letter in a word stands 
    for a whole syllable. There are six vowels, an "s"         sound and the remaining seventy eight symbols           represent a combination of consonant and vowel.         The English sounds for: BFJPRVXTh are non-             existent. The Cherokee language includes  a
    non vowel which does not exist in English. The 
    vowel is decidedly tonal and is pronounced like the       "U" in nut, nasalized. 
    The Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians are 
    involved in preserving their aboriginal languages.         Our dedicated   members are working diligently to         ensure the Cherokee language survives. 
    Cherokee Language Classes will be starting up             again in the near future. 

            Tuolumne Cherokee Band of Indians  
                     List of Library Books

A History of The Indians of the United Stated
Author: Angie Debo
American Indian Culture and Research Journal 
II Volumes 
A Cherokee Feast of Days
A Nation Within a Nation-At-War VHS - Tape
A New Life Begins Reconstruction VHS - Tape 
A-Tsi-Nv-s-Ti Faithful Messenger  VHS - Tape
Dancing With Wolves - VHS Tape
Last of The Dogmen - VHS Tape
Beginning Cherokee 3 - CD's
Beyond The Sea of Ice
Author: William Sarabande
Book of American Indian Games
Author: Allan R. MacFarlan
Cherokee Culture VHS - Tape
Cherokee Odyssey VHS - Tape
Cherokee Out of The Flame Beliefs and 
Practices of the Ancients
Author: James Adair
Cherokee Roots Volumne 1Eastern Rolls
Cherokee Roots Volumne 2 Western Rolls Medicine
Author: Lewis - Mehl - Madrona M.D.
Crystal Woman - The Sisters of The 
Author- Lynn V. Andrews
Coyote Healing - Miracles in Native Medicine
Author: Lewis Mehl - Madrona, MD., PHD.
Dawes Roll "Plus" of Cherokee Nation 1898
By Bob Blankenship-A Cherokee Publication
Dispossessing The American Indian
Author: Wilbur R Jabobs
Doing Business Tax-Free – 
Author: Robert A. Cooke
Flight of The Seventh moon
Author: Lynn V. Andrews
Golden West True Stories of the old West  (September 1968 Edition)
Grandmothers of The Light - A Medicine Woman's Source Bookilery
Author: Paula Gunn Allen
History Myths and Sacred Formulas of The Cherokees
Author: James Mooney
Jaguar Woman
Autho: Lynn V. Andrews
Kava The Wolf Dog
Author: Walt Morey
Mad Bear
Author: Doug Boyd
Medicine Woman
Author: Lynn V. Andrews
Mysteries of the Ancient Americas 
The New World Before Columbus
Readers Digest
Native of Americans of California and Nevada
Author: Jack D. Forbes
Native American Wisdom 
Authors:Kent Neburn, PH.D. Louise Mengelkock, M.A.
Incorporating Your Business – By – John Kirk
Neither Wolf Nor Dog on Forgetten Roads
w/an Indian Elder.
Author: Kent Neburn 
News From Native Californians - 4Magazines
Om-Kas-Toe of Blackfeet
Author; Kenneth Thomasma
Religion And Magic in The Life of Traditional
Author: Alice B and Irvine L. Child
Relive The Past - The Story of Orme Dam Victory
Seven Clans of The Cherokee Society
Author: Marcelina Reed
Author: Lynn V. Andrews
Spirit Healing - How To Make Your Life Work
Author: Mary Dean Atwood
Star Woman
Author: Lynn V. Andrews
Temalpakh Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage
of Plants
Authors: John Bean and Katherin SivaSaubal
The California Indians
Authors: R. F. Heifer and M. A. Whipple
The Cherokee Herbal - Native Plant Medicine From The Four Direction 
Author: J. T. Garrett 
The Education of Little Tree
Author: Forrest Carter
The Maiden Indian Myths and Stories Hanc'I
Author: Jim
The Natural World of the California Indians
Authors: Robert F. Heizer and Albert B. Elsassen
The 13 Original Clan Mohers
Author: Jamie Sams
The Path of Power
Author: Sun Bear, Wabun, and Barry Weinstock
The Pomo Indians of California
Authors: Vinson Brown and Douglas Andrews
The Sacred Hook
Author:Paul Gunn Allen
The Spirit World - By Time Life Book
Tuolumne County Historical Society - DVD
Tuolumne Band of Cherokee Indians 9-29-2005
War Chief Joseph 
Authors: Helen Howard and Dan L. McGarth 
Windhorse Woman, a Marriage of Spirit
Au thor: Lynn V. Andrews
Woman's Sigh Wolf's Song
Author: Kathryn Madison